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      Our new web design 2017   02/01/2017

      In celebration of our 8th year online we have launch a brand new design on our main site, a new gallery theme and many new stuff.     WHATS NEW?: This new design is very different, we hope you all love it as much as we do... first and foremost is more advance. Now news feeds are organized and in order to view the full story you have to click on them. We have a current magazines featured, a gallery featured, below all of our social media accounts including our latest Snapchat. We also have our family sites. Current projects are turned into sliders, make sure to click on those arrows to see them all we have Alessandra's mini biography which includes her official social media accounts as well and we also have a calendar with important up to date news and events. Above we have all of our links, please make sure to click on each one and view our different pages and biographies. Sidebars are now visible when visiting pages or reading a full story on the site. Since most of the stuff is featured on the main site it wasn't necessary to add many sidebars.We currently only have 4 which is Site Static, Website Affiliates, Feature Photo and Link Us. Our preview design was to crowded and sometimes it took longer than usual to load so this year I wanted to go for something more clean, easy to browse, more advance, with new modern slideshow and buttons and of course making it extra cute so that Alessandra herself loves it when visiting the site.     We also have a new gallery theme, make sure to check it out at alessandrasbeijos.com/gallery Is very simple but is a lot different than the previous one. FORUM Last but not least we have a new thread called Appearances under photos. We thought it would be a good idea to make a different thread for events, backstage, parties, red carpets, premieres ECT and keep Candids just for paparazzi photos because Alessandra gets photographed daily and sometimes most of the latest event photos gets shadowed by the new candids and sometimes going back several pages will make the forum load slower because of the amount of pictures posted. So being all that said we decided to make it more organized to benefit all members and have a better browsing through the community forum. Once again thank you for all the support and we hope you enjoy the all new AlessandrasBeijos.com -AB Staff  

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