Ale Ambrosio: Candids 2012
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3 years online more info
<center>More Info about the photos or videos:<br /><br />Photos: Many people are asking 'How should i send the photo?' simple. Take a photo of yourself holding a sign or paper that says Happy 3 Years Online or Happy 3 yeaars AB or if you prefer AlesBeijos, you can also use our full domain if you like the most. Photos should be send to us before January 31, otherwise you're photo will not be up on our site! All photos should be send at our staff e-mail at or our secondary e-mail at and you're photo will be up at our main site www.AlessandrasBeijos.Com on January 31st.<br /><br />Videos: If you prefer sending us a video insted of a photo that can be awesome too. All videos should show yourself wishing AB, AlesBeijos or AlessandrasBeijos.Com Happy 3 Years Online. Reminder:We will not upload or accept any videos/photos that shows un appropriate or behaviour from you, such as bad languages, bad signs or bad/rude face expressions. Please Keep It Clean!<br /><br />You're video will also be available at our main site on January 31st and once again i repeat all videos should be send to us before January 31.<br /><br />Graphics: For those of you who are not comfortable revealing you're identity, We also accept graphic/blends designs or anything made by hand done by you. We will share you're work at our main site as well and please make sure your graphic/blend features Alessandra Ambrosio and a text that says Happy 3 Years AB, AlesBeijos, AlessandrasBeijos.Com<br /><br />If your going to make something yourself by hand you can make anything that will allow you to take a photo of it and send it to our staff e-mail.<br /><br />For further questions or concerns please contact us at<br /><br />-AB Staff</center>
AlesBeijos 3 years Online Birthday Celebration!
<center><a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt=""></a> <br /><br />Date & Time: January 31 at 12:00am until February 1 at 12:00am<br /><br />Where: All Around The World<br /><br />Come celebrate with The Beijos Team 3 years of AlessandrasBeijos.Com being online. Send us a photo or video of yourself wishing AlessandrasBeijos.Com or if you prefer AB or AlesBeijos Happy 3 Years Birthday. Make sure to send in your video and photos before January 31st at<br /><br />Your photo and video will be up on our main site on January 31, 2012.<br /><br />You can also make graphic designs for our big celebration and send it to us at our staff e-mail. We can't wait to say HAPPY 3 YEARS ALESBEIJOS!<br /><br />With Love, The Beijos Team &#9829;<br /><br />more info:</center>
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