Ale Ambrosio in Santa Monica CA 9/12/11
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Ale Ambrosio September 2011 Candids
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Victoria's Secret
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Ale & Anja in West Hollywood CA on 9/11/11
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9/11 10th Anniversary Tribute
<center> <img border="0" align="none" alt="" src=""></center><br /><br /><div style="width: 600px; height: 450px; background-color: #000000; color: #ffffff; font-size: 12px; font-family: Tahoma; overflow: auto;"><center>Deninho,</center><br /><br /><center>Just wanna share my short 9/11 story for the website.<br /> <br />I think I don't have to mention that I was totally shocked with my 11 years of age at 11. September 2001. I was at my grandparents house in the living room and in Germany it was about 3:30pm and we watched the news in TV and couldn't believe what happend there. Every German TV station reported about it the whole day. Later the day I went to my aunt and spend time with my cousin and everyone watched the news cause we were interested in what happend and we saw almost every time the same pictures or videos where the towers got hit by the plane and the consequences of that. Just terrible.<br />Next day in school we talked about it and holded a minutes silence for the victims.<br /> <br /> <br />My memories..<br /> <br />Sincerely, Deninho.</center><br /><br /><center>Mayliss,</center><br /><br /><center>So my name is Mayliss, I'm Venezuelan & this is my 9/11 story.<br />By that time, I was about to turn 11 years old, I was a small-town little girl who barely knew about the world ... I remember I was on vacations, & I was watching TV with my daddy, we were changing channels & in every single channel there was the same thing & we were wondering why every channel was playing the same movie ... & then I got that call from my grandma (who lives in the City) calling to talk to my mom to see if she had seen the news we didn't know anything, she was the one who told us it wasn't a movie & that it was actually happening by the time we were talking on the phone. After that call everybody was so worried about it because happens that my auntie just moved to USA like one month before it happened, so we didn't know if she was ok, we didn't know anything about her because she was so new over here that she barely could communicate with us. When my mom explained to me what was happened I remember I started to cry because I was scared, my auntie was (is still) like a mom to me & I love her so very much, so the single possibility that she could've been there or close to where it all happened made me so sad & so scary ... We all spent the day home watching the TV, we all couldn't believe what our eyes were seeing ... It was like an awesome movie, seriously it was like so so unbelievable! Our eyes wouldn't believe that it was real ... I was a kid, so I don't think I knew what was the big problem there, I didn't think about all the people dying, or all the consequences that it would bring to the USA ... All I knew is that it was so unbelievable!<br /><br />With luck, my auntie got to talk to my grandma & told us that she was in the other side of the Country, we were so happy that she was alright ... but at the same time I remember everyone around me was very sad & I couldn't understand why if she was totally fine & far away, but well ... I though "grown up people ...". With the pass of the years I was seeing September by September how people celebrated that day, & years after I understood everything ... I felt bad for all that people who died, for all that people who lost their family & felt angry because of the big brain who created it all ... I will never-ever understand how someone can do something like that, I won't be able to understand it!<br /><br />This is all I can remember ... Now-a-day I still feel sad for that day, & every 9/11 I watch the news & let a teardrop on my face ... I think no one would ever be prepared to get over what happened here, I am not American, I wasn't here when it happened, but as everybody else in the world I feel bad for this! :(</center><br /><br /><center>Lirey,</center><br /><br /><center>It is very hard to remember everything that happened to U.S.A. on that terrible day; I know my story will be very short because first of all I didn&#8217;t live it directly because I am not American and second but most important I will not be able to explain with mere words what I feel about it.<br /><br /> I'm Mexican and was 12 years old, so were my first days attending middle school... I remember little but what I remember is basic:<br /><br />I was in my class and as they say "the bad news comes faster than good", so at 12pm a teacher told us (very little) of what was living U.S.A. right now, all my classmates were in shock but we couldn&#8217;t imagine the severity of the event, how can you imagine something like that? Although I tried to imagine it when I saw it on TV would be a thousand times worse.<br /><br />At break the director talked to the whole school, expressing his condolences for the victims and we had a few minutes of silence to honor them. Ended the day in school, my dad picked me up and in the way to my house I told him nervously what happened, obviously he knew (he had seen the news) so when we get home, turn on the TV in news channel and this showed videos taken from mobile phones and cameras; only saw streets full of chaos, people running, people crying, people screaming, fire, ambulance, etc.. My family and I were in shock, what happened with this world? How people have so much hate? Tears came to me to see the pain on people ... really I have no words to express what I felt ... to see what was happening again and again on tv maked me close my eyes put my hands on my face and think "this can not be happening, WHAT AWAITS US?, how many people must suffer for the world be at peace? why the world thinks we should be fighting like we are not a family, why can everybody realize that we are a family, we need to be at peace for the world coexist" <br /><br />All my family did a prayer for Americans, asked that light up them roads in this time of darkness; I know mexicans can't imagine the chaos americans felt but something is sure; we as humans share their pain and prayed for them like the family we are.<br /><br /><br />with love<br /><br />Lirey from Alessandra's Beijos</center><br /><br /><center>Marcos, </center><br /><br /><center>September 11, 2001 will always be a memorable and unforgettable day, not just for the USA, for all the world as well.<br />I was very young when this happened, but I remember I was at school and all the teachers started talking about it, I was like what happened? I didn't understand what was really happening.<br /><br />When I got home, all the media were talking about it, TV, radio, internet, it was all about the World Trade Center. I remember I saw the videos, I was kind of sad about what happened, all the people screaming and the people inside the towers and walking by the streets, it was very shocking watching those moments.. that's what I remember about 9/11.<br /><br />Americans, we mexicans and everybody will always remember this day.</center><br /><br /><center>Alejandra, </center><br /><br /><center>My name is Alejandra and i was born and raised in New York City.<br /><br />As a new yorker i've learn to love my city. When I was 8 years old my father tock me for the very first time to The World Trade Center with my oldest Brother & my Oldest Sister. I remember looking up at both buildings and being amazed on how tall they we're, since i was a kid i will run around and be playfull. I remember being at the plaza center of the world trade center at the fountain splashing water to my oldest sister and my father recoding the moment.<br /><br />I was very excited to go inside one of the towers and look around, i remember entering to the south tower of the world trade center and the lobby was completely amazing. There was lots of stores, jewelry stores, restaurants and many people, There was also a subway station inside the towers. I don't remember if my Dad had to buy tickets to go up to the roof of the twin towers but i do remember entering the elevator and we tock the express elevator which only stop at the 68th floor. I remember counting the secounds while the elevator will go up and up and up. It felt like we were never gonna make it to the top lol. Once we arrive on the walls there was these small roller coasters entering one wall and coming out of the other wall with a small little silver ball running through it. I remember telling my Dad about it and we once again enter another elevator which was a window elevator, the 2nd elevator was the official elevator that will take you up to the roof. While going up i will look outside and see how high we were going and feeling a emptyness in my stomach for being so high ( the same feeling you get when your affraid of hights). Once we got there we enter the roof and we walk around and i was completely amazed at how high we were and how small cars and people looked from the bottom. People we're like ants and cars we're like toys. It was a beautiful view, from it i was able to see all NYC. The statue of liberty, brooklyn, queens, staten islan, new jersey, bronx, manhattan, the empire state building and the hudson river and many more. <br /><br />On the roof of the south tower they had these mini monitors in which you enter a quarters and was able to view things closer, i remember asking my Dad for one quarter to be able to see the statue of liberty up close haha and it was pretty amazing at how beautiful the view from the twin towers was from the roof and the view of the city. It was just amazing!<br /><br />In one occasion i remember looking down and being very scared to fall but there was gates for protection but it still gave me a weird stomach feeling of falling down. <br /><br />Once our tour and expierence was over it was our time to go back home for the day. In our drive back home I was telling my Dad i wanted to return again because it was very fun, he told me he promise to one day take me again and i was very excited. <br /><br />The memory of the world trade center and the twin towers always stayed in my mind and everytime my father will visit me i will ask him 'When are u taking me to the twin towers again?' and he will reply telling me, one day when im off work. Years past by and i kept telling my mother, 'please Mom, tell Dad i want to go to the tall buildings again' and my Mom will always tell me, Yes dear, i will tell him to take u again.As years when by the thought of ever going back again was flewing away as i got older during the years.<br /><br />September 11, 2001<br /><br />It was 6am and I was up early to go to a dentist apointment. I didn't go to school day because I was getting bracess for my teeths and i was going to be at the dentist all day. That morning my mother wakes up to make breakfast and I was playing with my cat Prince and watching cartoons.<br />I had breakfast and was already dressed and ready to leave for my apointment but somehow my mother called in and told them We were not going to make it to the apointment and to reshedule. I was wondering why will my Mom reshedule my apointment and change her mind. Turns out that morning my mother wasnt feeling well and she decided to stay at home.<br /><br />My dentist location was in lower manhattan very close to world trade center.<br /><br />After my mother canceled the apointment i when back to watching my cartoons in the living room and my mother was talking on the phone and she tells me to turn on the news to view the weather, it was around 7am. So we were watching the news and my mother wanted to know if it was going to rain the next day or that morning. As we were watching the news i was very angry because my mother made me change my cartoons for the news, i mean as a kid u dont care about the news, u care about your cartoons lol though i was a little older then 10 years old i still loved my cartoons hahaha so i just had no other choice but to watch the news and be bored.<br /><br />As minutes past by it was 8:40am and they was showing live footage of manhattan and the beautiul tuesday morning and weather, all of a sudden while i'm looking at the tv i see a plane from away going straight into the towers but i never imagine it was gonna hit and all of a sudden at 8:46am BOOM the big explosion and the people from the news started to scream at the live footage of the first plane impact. I couldnt believe what i was seeing, i thought it was a joke from the news people but as me and my mother watch we were thinking Wow what a horrible accident. Especially living in NY and knowing is happening where you live at is a huge weird feeling... my mother started to call a couple of friends and ask them if they were watching the news, meanwhile i just kept starting at our 60 inch giant tv without moving. Knowing one of the buildings that got hit was the buildings i wanted to go back too so badly after my 1st visit was heartbraking to know that the thought of ever going again was taken away.<br /><br />At that moment i will hear or closest FDNY fire department head to the scene and i tthink all FDNY & NYPD were all called for duty to help people trap on the first tower. You will hear these horrible ambulance sounds and fire truck sounds all over NYC none stop.<br /><br />As i kept watching the news nobody expected what was coming next and once again i see this far away plane heading to the 2nd tower of the world trade center and just as I kept watching BOOM the 2nd plane hits the south tower of the world trade center, at that moment we all new this was terrorism and that we were all in danger. I started to cry and my Mom started to scream, the impact of the 2nd plane was worst then the 1st plane. I couldn't believe my eyes but most importantly i couldn't believe all that was happening just a few blocks away from me.<br /><br />I think the worst scene of it all was watching those poor innocent people jump off the buildings, it was a horrible feeling watching them jump for there lifes. The impact of the sound when they landed on the ground was horrible. The sound wouldnt leave from my mind, the more i tried to avoid it the more people we're jumping from the towers, i totally thought it was the end of the world, i just couldn't believe something so horrible was happening to my city. <br /><br />As i kept crying and shaking we get another braking news that another plane hit the pentagon. Once again i started to panic, i knew this was gonna get worst and worst. I thought maybe the best thing to do was call everyone we knew and know how everyone is doing and if there ok but phones and cell phones we're all busy. <br /><br />Now i was watching not just one braking news but two, World trade center & the pentagon. I was so sad for the people in washington and i just had this feeling that soon they we're gonna hit the white house or the capitol. I kept telling my mother to listen to me but she was just so scared talking on the phone and calling our families, especially her cousin who worked on Wall Street.<br /><br />I will hear people screaming, not just on the tv but outside my window and all over NYC. People running, crying, yelling, it was like a scary movie. <br /><br />I was so speechless i just kept watching the news with tears coming down my eyes and nobody knew what was coming next, nobody expected to go through this horror again or a lot worst as the south tower was the one to collapse first. My speechless moment turn into a panic moment with screaming, crying and scareness as i saw the 2nd tower collapse right in front of my eyes on my giant 60 inch TV. The view of people running, the knew of people trap inside who couldnt make it out in time, thought of all those FDNY & NYPD who we're inside the building, the thought of more people dying in the streets because they either got hit by something or the tower fell on top of them, it was a nightmare on a tuesday morning.<br /><br />Minutes later once again the horror continued as the north tower collapse, i think that was the worst one the 1st tower collapsing was even worst then the secound one. People we're running for there lifes, screaming, crying, full of blood, full of dust. I will see everyone come out of the giant smoke cloud all cover in white dust, crying, screaming. I just couldn't even cry anymore, all i did was shake, my whole hands we're shaking i wanted to go out and help all those people but at the same time i was so scared i couldn't even move. There was this huge silence and both towers we're collapse, nobody wanted to talk, nobody wanted to look, everyone was just speechless, without any words, without any movements just starting at the horrible scene of NYC being destroyed.<br /><br />At that moment i heard another braking news of Flight 93 crashed into shakeville, pennsylvania.<br />Apperently the 4th hijack plane was heading to the white house or capitol just as i suspected but it never made it to its target. <br /><br />That day i came to realize that life is only once and you should enjoy and appreciate every moment of it because you'll never know when you'll lose it or when someone you love will go away. Life is the most precious and beautiful part of your life that should always be enjoyed because after 9/11 i knew that life can go away any minute or secound.<br /><br />As days and weeks when by all NYC was silence and empty, nobody wanted to go downtown, it was like a ghost town. All programs, soap operas, tv series, movies we're off air for a whole month. They had news of 9/11 24/7 for about 2 months in a roll nonestop. At some points i just didn't even want to look anymore.<br /><br />A few weeks after 9/11 people from around my area and I we all got together with candles and walked all over our neighborhood with millions and millions of people walking with us in silence with candles in our hands heading to one of the FDNY departments in our area who lost some of there mans during rescue mission. With a big silence we gave them tribute and our blessings and we continue doing it all over NYC for the past months until 2002.<br /><br />2003<br /><br />In 2003 after 3 years of 9/11 i visited which is now called ground zero, there was so many photos of missing persons and there belongings up on the wall, all over NYC even inside the subways it was full of millions and millions of photos of people missing and it was just so horrible to see how many people lost there lifes. Around ground zero there was many people selling memorys of the twin towers, photos, videos, posters, t-shirts ect... I got myself a VHS of the world trade center then & after and i got a album full of photos of the 9/11 attacks. My mother got a t-shirt with the American flag and the twin towers and as we kept buying i will look up on ground zero and imagine the towers up in the sky but of course they werent there anymore. It was a sad feeling knowing such beautiful buildings we're not there anymore and as i looked up i felt this sad feeling of all those soulds who lost there lifes who are still wanting to be found one day.<br /><br />May 01, 2010<br /><br />My mother and I wanted to go have dinner at Olive Garden in time square and we bump into another panic scene of someone placing a car bomb in time square, once again I was like Oh nooo not again. Thankfully the bomb squad we're able to shut the bomb down but it was so scary having to go through another terrorism attack. <br /><br />May 01, 2011<br /><br />A year later after the bomb attempt braking news of Osama Bin Laden DEAD. First thing i did was scream of joy and jump up and down. My Mom was so excited she almost broke her ankle LOL I couldn't believe after 10 years finally they got him. I was so happy that all those families and people who lost there lifes 10 years ago on 9/11 finally had closure. New York, Washington we're all celebrating our victory on ground zero, in front of the white house, in time square in the middle of the night there was millions and millions of people holding there american flag and singing and celebrating. It was a moment never to forget as we americans finally can be in peace.<br /><br />September 11, 2011<br /><br />Is been 10 years since the terrorism attacks and as i was writing everything i still felt an emptyness in my heart to know that is been 10 years but i remember it like if it was yesterday. I will never forget 9/11 and it will always be in my heart and mind for the rest of my life.<br /><br />Is been 10 years but not forgotten and i want to thank everyone who tock the time to read all of our stories and thank those of you who send your stories to us to share on our site.<br /><br />Today AlessandrasBeijos.Com will go silence to honor and tribute all the victims and there families on 9/11. We thank you for joining our site and visiting us.</center><br /><br /><center>Dedicated to the lives lost and the families left behind on September 11, 2001</center><br /><br /><center>World Trade Center, New York City</center><br /><br /><center>Flight 93, Shanksville, PA</center><br /><br /><center>The Pentagon, Washington, DC</center><br /><br /><center>With respect and Love, <br /><br />-AlessandrasBeijos.Com Staff</center><br /></div>
Ale Ambrosio attends Richard Hambleton: A Retrospective in NY 9/9/11
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Ale Ambrosio Fashion Week Candids 2011
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Victoriaís Secret Angels Spice Up Fashionís Night Out
<center><a href="" target="_blank"><img border='0' src=""></a> <a href="" target="_blank"><img border='0' src=""></a> <br /><br />Victoria&#8217;s Secret Angels Spice Up Fashion&#8217;s Night Out<br /><br />They&#8217;re a welcome sight wherever they go, and (September 8) the ladies of Victoria&#8217;s Secret showed up for Fashion&#8217;s Night Out in New York City.<br /><br />Adorable Angels Alessandra Ambrosio and Erin Heatherton were magnificent as they hammed it up at the after-hours shopping extravaganza at the lingerie brand&#8217;s SoHo store.<br /><br />Meanwhile, Adriana Lima and Lily Aldridge got plenty of attention themselves, posing for pictures while taking time to greet a few lucky shoppers during the course of the festivities.<br /><br />Everyone who came out got a Fashion&#8217;s Night Out-exclusive gift, and also picked up a free limited edition t-shirt with any $60 purchase.<br /><br /><a href="" target="_blank"><img border='0' src=""></a> <a href="" target="_blank"><img border='0' src=""></a> <a href="" target="_blank"><img border='0' src=""></a> <a href="" target="_blank"><img border='0' src=""></a> <a href="" target="_blank"><img border='0' src=""></a> <a href="" target="_blank"><img border='0' src=""></a> </center>
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