Meet the Beijos team

Root-Administrator/Site Owner

Name: Alejandra

Username: *Alejandra*

Living in New York City

Hobbies: Shopping

Techniques: Photoshop, PaintShop Pro, Macromedia Dreamweaver, Animation & Flash.

BIO: I've been a fan of Alessandra Ambrosio since 1998. I notice her beauty thanks to an advertisement on a magazine.

I've met Alessandra Ambrosio many times. I've also met Marisa Miller, Emanuela de Paula, Lindsay Ellingson, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Adriana Lima, Lily Aldridge & Erin Heatherton.

Being part of Alessandra Ambrosio's official staff at AAOF is a huge honor!

My passions are Cats, i just love cats. I don't know why but i think they are just so cute. I love the fashion industry, living in NY you learn a lot about name brands, fashion week, designers, supermodels ect... I think fashion is a big part in my life because as a women i am very girly and i love shopping especially at Victoria's Secret.

I can be a little nerdy too, i love computers and electronics. As a kid i used to love playing video games and i still do at the moment. I love designing and learning. I am a fast learner and when i focus on something i want to learn i make that my priority until i get it right. I never liked school lol Don't know why but i thought school was so boring but there is something i do love and is called Acting. I've been studying for the past years in New York Film Academy and thanks to my good acting skills i've won a scholarship for a famous acting school in Los Angeles CA.

My goals in life is to be in a horror film and maybe one day win an academy award.

As the site owner of Alessandra's Beijos i think being a fan of Alessandra Ambrosio is the best thing thats ever happened to me. I love my job as a fan and as site owner.

Xoxo, Alejandra


NAME: MarluXia AKA VampireHorde

CITY: Los Angeles in the heart of Hollywood, bitch!

HOBBIES: Absolutely nothing! I am the laziest sonofabitch you'll ever meet. Hate doing anything recreational or anything that involves me lifting a muscle. That's why I'm fat and need to lose ALL this weight from doing NOTHING all day long. Oh, and I am the best scanner and video capper on the Internet. I can cap any video in High Definition. Can you do that? That's right, NO YOU CAN'T!

Aside from that, I also write strategy guides for popular videogames. I've written for games like God Of War, Ninja Gaiden, Grand Theft Auto, Splinter Cell, and other good games. Check me out at IGN or GameFAQs to see my list of guides.

ABOUT ALESSANDRA: I've known about Alessandra since 2000 back when Tyra and Heidi were the main ladies for Victoria's Secret. Aside from that condescending bitch Adriana Lima, Alessandra was the other Brazilian model that I thought was WAY more prettier than the overrated spectacle known as Gisele Bundchen (and her big fat ugly nose). I didn't fully recognize Alessandra until the VSFS 2005 show when she walked onstage in a candy outfit. From there, I kinda "woke up" and realized that I was missing out by not knowing who these models were. And now I know too much.

ABOUT ME: There is absolutely NOTHING about me that you need to know. But I will tell you that I am a former employee of Limited Brands. Yes, that's right, I worked for Victoria's Secret for two years before quitting. Had I stayed long enough, I probably would've been promoted to Bra Specialist but, alas, not so much. I also vote as a Democrat, so all you George Bush lovin' Republicans can kiss my ass! We killed Bin Laden, bitches! Anyway, I've met almost all of the VS Angels: Marisa, Miranda, Rosie, Candice, Adriana, Lily, Erin, Lindsay, and Alessandra.

MOTTO: "If you don't like the things I do or say, then you can fuckin' BLOW ME"


Username: avadakedavra

My name is Meghan (you can find me on the board as 'avadakedavra') and I'm 27 (28 in July). I currently live in Scottsdale, Arizona, and do freelance web work to fill up my days. I've been a fan of Alessandra since 2004, when she first became the face of Victoria's Secret PINK (which has always been some of my favorite work of hers). I became an admin on Alessandra's official forum in 2006, and joined the Beijos staff in 2009. I work in the background on Beijos, but give the site my full support, and believe it is the best place to find news on Alessandra on the net!


Username: Lullaby

My name is Ashley, I'm a Florida native and I'm 24 years old. I am currently attending college to become a kindergarten teacher. I became a fan of Alessandra in early to mid 2004 and was given the opportunity to work on her official forum in 2006. I have never had the chance to meet Alessandra (one day hopefully), but I received an autographed travel case from her for Christmas of 2008 as a thank you for all the work I have done on her forums. I am honored to also now be apart of the Alessandra's Beijos family. I am mostly behind-the-scenes but Alejandra and this site have my full support as the BEST place for Alessandra.

Super gModerator

Name: May. & my cutie username is "AACrazySurf" which means Alessandra Ambrosio Crazy Surf :) Living in Seattle, Washington. Hobbies: I am very girly, so I love going shopping, I love shoes, I love having my hair & my nails done, I love makeup & all those girly stuff we love! Techniques: Photoshop & Paint Shop Pro.

BIO: I became Alessandra's fan around 5/6 years ago, since the first time I saw her (thanks to one of my best friends) I just had to love her, I thought she was very cute & beyond beautiful. I starting googling her, & found out some MSN groups where they had lots of information & photos about her ... I seriously couldn't help but love her! With the time & started knowing more about her, getting close to her official forum & here I am, very proud & happy to be a part of this staff & so much prouder to be Ambrosio's fan.

I'm Venezuelan & so proud to be LATINA :D! & I moved to USA about a year ago looking for my American dream & a better life. My life had changed a lot (for good of course), my interets had changed too. Right now I'm loving my life, I love going shopping with my mom, spending cuality time with my family, going party with friends & just enjoy every second of my life. I'm hoping to start college next Fall, I'll probably go for studying Languages or Psychology. Hopefully I'll make the best choise :).

As for my goals, I wanna be a succesfull woman ... Graduate from college, a good job, a family & just live a good life with the ones I love. I believe that I can make all my dreams come true just believing in myself.

I love Alessandra's Beijos & I just love so much all the AA-Team. I hope to meet Alessandra Ambrosio someday & tell her how much I LOVE & admire her :).

Super Moderator

Name: Marcos

Username: Markos, because I always thought my name looks cool with a K instead of a C haha

Living in Mexicoooo!!

Hobbies: Movies, friends, partying lol

Techniques: PhotoShop, Illustrator, Lightroom, and so much more soon.

I became a fan of Alessandra in 2006, the very first time i saw her was on the 2006 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. My cousin was watching it and i just sat down and started watching it with him. I saw Justin Timberlake and thought it was cool, so Gisele came out firt (opening the show) and the secound model who came out was amazingly beautiful girl i didn't know her name, i was like OMG she's so gorgeous, what's her name? My cousin didn't even know her name either. So i started searching for more VS shows and that was how i found her name, Alessandra Ambrosio.

Right after i found her name i started looking for thousands of photos, i discovered her official website, didn't know anything about forums, I always was like forums? pff no.. Then my fanaticism started growing and growing and i was like ok, i'm gonna register on the forum and thats how i met AAOF, an amaing forum. I love spending time there cause there was always new photos, videos ect.

Then i found out blogs and sites dedicated to Alessandra and i decided to create a little blog, i didn't know anything about photoshop, i just downloaded it and started pushing every single button and tool and i liked to use PS all the time. I started making banners and blends, then i thought i was becoming better on this and started posting blends and banners at AAOF. Actually i think lirey was the one who encouraged me to register to AAOF.

Then i saw Alejandra was promoting Alessandra's Beijos and lirey encouraged me again to register on Beijos and that was how i met this HUGE website and forum. I am so glad to be a part of the staff team and the entire AA-Team, I mean, there's no other team that can compete with us, we're so united and all this for a very single reason: Alessandra.

I'm proadly mexican. I study Graphic Design which is not my beloved career but its the most similar to what i really wanted, actually i lik it so much i'm really enjoying this career and im very sure i'll go till the end with this. I'm planning to study my speciality in another city and then start working so hard to finally make my masters and live my own life.

My goals, my everyday-goal is to beat the overcome myself, always learn something new and learn from the mistakes. My goals in life are to be independent, have a family, have a good job, a job i really love and just being happy. I always say all dreas can come true, just believe and have faith.

I met Alessandra Ambrosio in 2009, seriously, an amazing experience i will never ever forget. She's a very kind person and above all, a very very beautiful women. She's always shining and her beauty is just priceless.


Username: helena.

My name is Helena, i am 23 years old and im from Belo Horizonte - MG / Brazil. I am an administrator of business, graduated in Brazil and right now i am working for Coca Cola Company and studying Economy. I love fashion and everything about the fashion world even working in a area totally and 100% different!I love to travel and meet the world and i wish i could have more vocations so i could travel more and more. Im also crazy about my family, they mean everything to me! Im an Alessandra's fan since..Well, i dont remember! Maybe 10 years ago. I just know that i was a child when i started to fallow her career after see a beautiful cover from her for Capricho. I had the dream of to meet her and i did, i met her in NYC! Im sure she doesnt remember me, it was just for 2 minutes, but i dont care! I went too far away to make my dream come true and and i just did! About the future? Well..All i want is to make a beautiful family and work a lot to show my children the world. My most especial dream is to be a mother.

Super Moderator

Name: Zahily

Username: Zahily

City: West Palm Beach, Florida

Hobbies: Music, TV, Shopping

Techniques: Just a little in Photoshop.

I've been a fan of Alessandra Ambrosio for about 9 years. The first time i notice her was in a Victoria's Secret catalog. I search for her in the internet and at that moment I became a fan of her. Love Alessandra since then because of her beauty, kindness, simplicity ect. I had the opportunity to know Alessandra in person and it was one of the best things that happened to me.

I was born in Cuba and moved to the United States 11 years ago. I love computers, fashion, dogs (have two Jack Russell's). I started studying as a dental assistant, but i didn't like at all, so i change the career to work with children's. In the future i would like to travel to Egypt, Hawaii, Brazil and Rome.

I feel very happy to be a moderator in Alessandra's Beijos and have such a great team supporting Alessandra (the best model for us). Thank you so much to Alejandra for creating this amazing website, for her hard work and commitment to Alessandra.

Xoxo Zahily


Name: LiLa

Username: Lirey

Hobbies: getting haircuts, going shopping, drawing, being with my family and my friends.

Thecniques: Photoshop, illustrator, intuos wacom, acrylics, acuerlas, etc

Love: Alessandra Ambrosio, family, friends, haircuts, art, design, music, unicorns, tattoos, beach and being cryticized; why?, cuz i believe that criticism is the greatest tribute that mediocrity pays to TALENT.

Hate: mediocrity, lies, hypocrites and mayonnaise

Bio: I became an Ale's fan since 2004 when one of my friends of high school show me the picture of her idol: Gisele Bundchen and that afternoon i started to search models on the web and then... I SAW HER, ALESSANDRA AMBROSIO gorgeous isn't she? and angel on earth... i just fall in love more and more with the time. Is a women i ADMIRE, cuz she is beautiful outside but also INSIDE, cuz she knows perfectly who she is but she knows when she came from...she is a prove that every dream can come true, u only have to work it and believe in yourself. With the time i log in her official forum and knowing more beautiful people with the same feelings about her and here i am really happy for being part of this family of Beijos and happier that all here love the samw women, Alessandra Ambrosio.

Im mexican, was born next to the sea in the port of Veracruz. I start studying Design in the capital of my hometown in university of Plastic Arts but now i'm finishing my studies in one of the biggest cities in the world: Mexico City. Im starting a new life here and i LOVE every secound i spend in this city. Is magical, i'm starting to make my dreams come true and if i'm lucky and work hard in a few years i'm gonna trave to do my master in Europe and stay there for a while or forever.

I love Alessandra Ambrosio, i met her once (2009) and the web is not lying... she is an ANGEL on earth. XOXO and love



Name: LOLA


Living in SPAIN


BIO: I've been a fan of Alessandra Ambrosio 6 years ago. I notice her in the year of 2005 When I look Gisele Bundchen photographs.Then I was struck by the girl who appeared with her.Then I started looking for any information, photos, interviews .. and the more he discovered, more I liked. I love her personality and her perseverance to realize your dreams.

I love music...this is my bigger pasion...i love rock and i love Pearl Jam. I love playing trivial really am very good, I love driving.. when I have much free time I spend hours looking for all kinds of material on Alessandra, I really love. a little over a year I started my own company.. a small enterprise that will soon be very very great That is my dream one of my dreams...I'ma very positive person I like listening to people...

another is to know someday i meet Alessandra Ambrosio...The dreams always come true. I love Alessandra's Beijos I am delighted to join the team.


Name: Marina

(Username) inahambrosio

Living in BRASIL

Hobbies: Web Designing

Hey, my name is Marina, I am Brazilian and I am a web designer (but I do not have a job now lol). The first time I heard about Alessandra was in 2004 in a television show about fashion, here in Brazil. Until that day, in the fashion world, I just heard about Gisele Bundchen lol Even I know Alessandra, I knew almost nothing about fashion, I did not follow and did not think anything needed. But from that day, I started looking for information about Alessandra on the Internet, buying the magazines she was on the cover, and slowly I became a big fan I am today. Although she is Brazilian and I also, I never had the opportunity to meet and exchange a few words with her, and this is really a big disappointment for me ... or an incentive for me to continue doing everything possible so that in time things happen. Like all true fans, I do not admire only the super model, but the super mom and super woman I feel (and I'm sure) that is Alessandra. I do not know, I think it is unusual for the world of fashion models have so many fans and receive so much affection as she is. This is because we feel something special, feel truth in every word uttered by her. I think Alessandra has much to gain, and the top of the world is small for her! I feel very happy and honored to be part of the team AlessandraBeijos, a site that has always been number one on my list when I wanted a photo or some information. I love being part of the team, and I love the ability that each of the administrators and moderators have to keep this site as beautiful as it is!

Super Moderator

Name: Ricardo

(Username) Ricardo

I have been a fan of Alessandra Ambrosio for longer than I can actually remember now! I think it was in 2000 when I first saw her work and was instantly captivated by her unique personality and style. l recall feeling I had literally seen an angel back then. As time passed by I ended up liking Ale more and more as her personality grew on me. I think she is inspirational in many ways. Previously I worked for several years as a moderator at Alessandra’s Official Website and now I look forward to helping out at Alessandra’s Beijos! In my spare time I enjoy yoga, going for walks, discovering new things and making the most out of life.
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